Demand for Herbal Medicines Rising Across Rajasthan | Jaipur News

Ashwagandha beds in a forest nursery on the outskirts of Jaipur

JAIPUR: Private and state forest nurseries are witnessing a rapid increase in demand for medicinal plants during the Covid pandemic as residents increasingly purchase such plants for their gardens.
As many of these plants with medicinal values, including Tulsi, significantly improve air quality according to the traditional medicine system, the demand has recently increased. Other herbs with medicinal value, including turmeric, ashwagandha (in somnifera) and guduchi, are also in high demand.
Ratan Saini, owner of a nursery in Jagatpura, said: “In a new trend, people are opting for medicinal plants rather than ornamental plants. Tulsi, which is known to increase oxygen supply and absorb harmful gases, is in high demand.
The forest department is also planning to implement its “Ghar Ghar Aushadhi Scheme” soon to promote medicinal herbs with multiple health benefits. Under this program, the department aims to distribute herbal medicines including Kalmegh, Tulsi, Giloy and Ashwagandha.
Senior Chief Conservator of Forestry (Development) DN Pandey said: “To benefit every home, the department selected four species of plants suitable for planting in containers after studying 1,100 research papers and evaluating 3.5 million data base. Even before the program is rolled out, people are expressing interest in sourcing these plants from forest nurseries.
Although these herbal remedies are in demand, experts have warned residents to contact doctors before consuming any herb for curing a particular ailment. A senior forestry official said, “A committee has been formed including an Ayurvedic doctor to educate people to consume these herbs which can scientifically provide immunity to health.
Experts also believe that these herbs are antiviral and proved to be multifunctional in curing several diseases, the demand would increase in the coming years. Radha Jain, Ayurvedic physician, said, “All these herbal medicines in the diet provide rich nutrients to help you boost your defense mechanism. It’s an age-old proven fact, but people have forgotten it over the years. The pandemic has brought many people closer to the roots.
Rishi Sharma, who has grown the trees in his garden, said, “I have a medicinal plant area in my garden. During the pandemic, doctors advised me to consume juice to improve immunity.


Alvin J. Chase