Don sounds the alarm on the extinction of medicinal plants in Nigeria


A professor of biochemistry at Kwara Malete State University, Prof. Emmanuel Oladipo Ajani, on Wednesday expressed concern over the gradual extinction of plants that are of medicinal importance in Nigeria.

He warned that industrial development across the country was rapidly eroding plants with medicinal value and that unless urgent action was taken to keep the small ones available, the country could continue to experience a health crisis.

Ajani, who teaches in the faculty of pure and applied sciences at the university, said so during the ninth inaugural lecture of the university which he delivered at the institution.

His lecture was entitled “Man against Diseases: The Green Remedy” and was the first to be delivered at the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.

The keynote speaker who noted that drug resistance against malaria was on the rise, said that for Nigeria to truly eliminate certain diseases by 2030 and also achieve the Sustainable Development Goal SDGs by 2030, it should take proactive steps to incorporate traditional medicine into its health care delivery. system.

“Many plants that are of medicinal importance are already on the verge of extinction due to industrial development. Strategies must manage and conserve native Nigerian plants. The development of a compendium of native plants with clinical potentials and benefits is highly recommended,” he said.

The keynote speaker who is also the Dean of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, appealed to the Kwara State Government to help Kwara State University to set up a well equipment “Bioinformatics and Bioinformatics Laboratories computational biology” to enable him to conduct research in the natural sciences. product development.

Alvin J. Chase