Nagaland: Medicinal Plant Gardens to Conserve Medicinal Plants | MorungExpress

Minister S Pangnyu Phom inaugurated the herb garden at Borgohain Hall, Yingli College, Longleng on October 29. (Photo DIPR)

Longleng, October 30 (MExN): Health and Family Welfare Minister S Pangnyu Phom inaugurated the herb garden at Borgohain Hall, Yingli College, Longleng on October 29.

According to a report by DIPR, MO, AYUSH, Dr Visino Nakhro, CHC Yachem in his speech said that herbal medicines have played a vital role in our country and in particular, North East India is a treasure trove for tea and herbs. “The biodiversity of this region is remarkably the richest in the country,” she said.

The State Medicinal Plant Board has established medicinal plant gardens to promote and conserve medicinal plants. “This is an initiative taken to raise awareness and show the importance of medicinal plants, which are an integral part of our daily lives,” she said, adding that the National Board of Medicinal Plants intends to create medicinal plants to popularize its importance and conserve. and use them for educational and research purposes.

Nakhro added that under the program, the State Herbal Medicine Promotion through the National Herbal Medicine Board, provides financial assistance to set up different types of herb gardens to promote the culture and sensitize the local population. “It will also help marginal farmers to cultivate and increase their income, it will also give them the opportunity to garden and maintain the service as an income generator,” she added.

Minister Pangnyu in his remarks said that herbal medicines were not a new subject but they had been practiced for a long time and in India research and estimation of more than 5,000 herbal medicines had been performed to date. He said the Prime Minister’s vision was that “we put more emphasis on the use of herbal medicines and do more research and focus on exploration and even the extent of export to different parts of the world”.

The minister stressed the need to reach every nook and cranny and explore more hidden medicines in our forests. “We should not stay away from scientific medicines but at the same time not forget our ancient traditional medicines,” he added.

Yachem Student Union President Hamlen Phom highlighted the project report, Yingli College Principal Dr. T Temsu Imti delivered the words of gratitude, CMO Longleng Dr. Obangjungla chaired the program Pastor partner for women, the Baptist Church of Oushok declared the blessing.

The dedicatory prayer was delivered by Reverend H. Beau, pastor of Longleng Town Baptist Church.

Alvin J. Chase