Pharmaceutical drugs are the last resort in the treatment of childhood illnesses

In principle, medication is the last resort because rest is more important. Fever is a favorable situation. One should not rush, as one could first apply warm compresses or hot bath, but one should also see their conditions

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Parents should only use pharmaceutical drugs as a last resort when treating their children’s illnesses, according to Piprim Basarah Yanuarso, head of the Indonesian Association of Pediatricians (IDAI).

Responding to the government’s ban on syrup medicines amid reports of cases of acute kidney failure in children, he said parents could look for other methods to help their children recover.

“In principle, medicine is the last resort because rest is more important. Fever is a favorable situation. We should not rush, because first we could apply hot compresses or a hot bath, but we must also see their terms,” ​​Yanuarso said here. , Friday.

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He said that while fever in a one-month-old baby indicates a serious health condition that requires prompt health checks, fever in a baby over three months old could be corrected by methods other than syrups.

“If a child has a high fever, they can be given medicine in a crushed capsule, adjusted according to their weight. High fever can also be treated with medicine prescribed by the doctor,” the head of the hospital said. ‘IDAI.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of the Executive Council of the Indonesian Pharmacists Association (PP-IAI), Keri Lestari, said powdered medicine was an alternative amid the ban on syrup medicine.

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She said that to prevent the medicine from being rejected by children, who might vomit up the powdered medicine due to its bitter taste, parents could use other sweeteners, such as honey, to balance out the bitterness.

“Put some honey and water (up to the powdered medicine) in the spoon, so that the children believe that what they are consuming is honey,” the chief executive noted.

Lestari, who is simultaneously a professor of pharmacology and pharmacy at Padjadjaran University, also urged parents to choose a pediatrician, who could properly consider the risks and benefits of drugs.

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