Promotion of the production of medicinal plants in Playa Tamarindo.

Finca La Sendain the community of Santa Rosa from Playa Tamarindois developing a project to plant 34 species of medicinal plants over an area of ​​two thousand square meters in order, among other things, to promote A healthy lifestyle.

The plan, which is called “Secret and Sacred Garden of medicinal plants La Senda”, started in September last year in this property where organic farming and the production of natural fertilizers are also practiced.

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To carry out the initiative, Latvian specialists, Viktorija Zenkova and Inese Trautmane, who have extensive experience in the field, were hired. The first of them (Zenkova) studied the use of these plants for several years and gave community workshops to disseminate this ancestral knowledge.

During this time, the second (Trautmane) is a specialist in naturopathy and herbalism; In addition, as a certified aromatherapist, she has knowledge of infusions of aromatic oils from medicinal plants for aesthetic use. Just before arriving in Costa Rica, she graduated from the Latvian School of Gardeners as a parks professional and had the opportunity to plan a sustainable permaculture garden (the art of designing spaces inspired by nature) in the city of Riga, the capital of Latvia.

Nature’s healing abilities

According to Zenkova, the initiative is being carried out to show “a path on how sustainable and loving practices honor the healing abilities of nature and how to cultivate ancient wisdoms to offer immunity to the community.

“Using the elements of nature: roots, barks, leaves, flowers and seeds, we create multi-purpose holistic remedies to improve the well-being of all our bodies and senses. In addition, we organize workshops with neighbors in the local community and visitors share the wisdom of herbs, their use and their properties,” said the specialist.

Sabila, Arnica, Wormwood, Thai Basil, Ginger, Galanga, Juanilama (Lippia alba), Lemongrass, Citronella, Palma, Vetiver, Frankincense, Ether and Dormilona, ​​among others, are grown in La Senda.

all natural

According to Trautmane, the plants planted in La Senda “have the potential to help the nervous system, the liver, the kidneys and the cardiovascular system. They also support the mental and emotional bodies.”

The owner added that “they help fight bacterial, yeast, viral, parasitic and microbial infections. They help the body’s detoxification processes and bring clarity, strength, as well as improvements to the general well-being of the body.

“First, we select plants that will adapt to the local tropical dry forest. We are honored to grow a wide selection of medicinal plants. From universal species known on all continents to very exclusive species only in this part of the world. Appreciating the herb’s authentic origin and ancient wisdom, we recognized that all plants are sacred and have powerful healing properties,” the expert added.

The United States Agency for International Development estimates that today 80% of the world’s population uses traditional herbal medicine for primary health care. (

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