Sought-after medicinal plants for patio and balcony gardens

The current medical oxygen shortage scenario during the Covid pandemic has seen a preference among residents to opt for herbal medicines, known to improve air quality according to the traditional medicine system, for their private gardens.

City nurseries are seeing an increase in demand for plants like tulsi, turmeric, ashwagandha (withania somnifera) over the past few months.

Medical experts are warning residents to contact doctors before consuming any medicinal plant or herb as a cure or prevention against Covid-19.

“Many customers buy tulsi these days because it is known to increase oxygen supply and absorb harmful gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Even though the shop is closed in Due to lockdown schedules, many are contacting and visiting us in person. Demand for turmeric and ashwagandha is also on the rise,” said Ravi Dhole, who runs a nursery in Vimannagar.

Bapu Survase from Krupa Nursery, Uruli Kanchan said, “Generally the demand for tulsi increases during the Aashadi Ekadashi festival, but this time it is seen as we are in the throes of the Covid pandemic. Customers follow the advice of the elders and follow the traditional medicine system and buy herbs that purify the air.

“The demand for indoor and garden plants is seen in the last weeks of May as the monsoon begins in June. Rose bushes are the favorite, but locals are now buying tulsi and other medicinal plants,” said Ulhas Patil, Balaji Rose Nursery, Singhad Road.

Swapnil Deshmukh, an Ayurvedic doctor, said, “According to the system of traditional medicine, certain herbs are good for health, and its components are scientifically proven to give immunity to health.”

“We get oxygen from tulsi and planting more than one string of the plant is beneficial. Daily consumption of certain medicinal plants is important for health,” Dr Ashwini Varpe said.

Ajay Aggarwal from Wanowrie, who has a large terrace garden at home, said: “I believe in growing my own oxygen and my own food, so I grow herbs and vegetables at home. Every plant gives oxygen, so it is important to maintain a planting habit.

Baner’s Pooja Kale said, “I have a separate herbal medicine section in my terrace garden. Previously, people wondered why I gave so much space to these unattractive plants, but now they are following suit due to the pandemic situation.

Alvin J. Chase