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The tally of Covid-19 cases has crossed the 10,000 mark in Delhi, forcing residents to go back to basics and ward off colds and flu. But accomplishing this seems like a herculean task as the winter is quite difficult. What is helpful in such a scenario is nature’s blessing that comes in the form of herbal medicines that help boost immunity and fight mild infections. And seeing the increase in demand for such plants, Delhi-NCR nursery owners say they have stocked up on holy basil (tulsi), giloy, aloe vera, stevia, ajwain and others that are beneficial for combating seasonal irritants.

“Sales have increased by 15 to 20%”

Gaurav Sureka, owner of Rohini-based Balaji Nursery, says, “Buyers Kaafi aane shuru ho gaye hain. People are now confirming to us which plant is giloy and stevia because many don’t know ajwain ka paudha kaisa dikhta hai, but unko pata hai ki iske kaafi enjoy hain, toh log dhundte huye aate hain ise humare paas. Last week there was a 15-20% increase in sales of these plants. Last time jab Delhi me Covid badha tha tab bhi log yehi plants leke jaa rahe the, toh ab bhi jaise hi cases badhne shuru huye, we made sure we had enough planters. In addition, air-purifying plants are also selling like hot cakes.

It’s kadha season

Raj Kumar, owner of a nursery in Sector 69, Gurugram, says that whenever Covid-19 peaks, people come asking for useful plants to make kadhas. “Pehle lockdown mein log khoob khareed kar gaye tulsi aur giloy. Iss baar bhi inquiries ke liye phone bajne shuru ho gaye hain. In addition to these usual plants, people are interested in growing a permanent plant of lehsun (garlic) and adrak (ginger) for their vegetable gardens, so as not to depend too much on vegetable vendors. Among other plants, the snake plant, which is also potted a lot, looks great as a houseplant and is also superb for purifying your air.

“Hard to find tulsi in winter”

Punishes Saini from Saini Nursery based in Gautam Nagar says, “Sardiyon mein tulsi ki care na karo toh kharab ho jaati hai. This is why tulsi is not found in too many nurseries at this time. However, I stocked up on different types of basil, including stevia (called mithi tulsi). Stevia is good for people who have blood pressure and blood sugar issues, so people pick up this herb a lot. People are coming in, to buy more of these plants, now because there is confusion between the common flu and Covid among many others. So many people think ki khaasi-zukaam na hi ho, toh behtar hai; warna baat covid tak pahunch jayegi agar weak immunity ho gayi. Giloy ki branches ke liye bhi kaafi call aa rahi hain. Previously we used to source giloy from nearby parks – as it is a climber and grows around trees – ease hi giloy tod kar de dete le koi mangta tha toh. By iss baar humne iski bel ko properly rakhna shuru kar diya hai.

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