York man pleads guilty to manufacturing synthetic drugs | Recent news

By the News-Times team

YORK — Yates Oneil has pleaded guilty to two reduced counts in a case involving the manufacture of a chemical-based drug in his flat, which is near a day care centre, in York.

According to court documents, the York Police Department served a search warrant on the apartment as part of an ongoing investigation.

While in the apartment, Oneil told them “they created a black liquid, found during the search, by mixing plants they found in the woods and different chemicals and they were processing marijuana with the goal of cultivating a concentrated THC that could be ingested into the human body.”

Police found a bucket of marijuana stems, stems and buds. They also found a nearly full five-gallon bucket containing the aforementioned black liquid. They also found several other glass containers, appearing to contain the same black liquid, in the freezer, the kitchen cupboard and in a freezer in a bedroom closet.

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The police department requested assistance from the Nebraska State Patrol’s Clandestine Lab Team, which came to the scene to assist with treatment. These team members determined that the black liquid appeared to be “an intermediate step in the production of the hallucinogen, N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a Schedule I controlled substance.”

They also found, in the chamber’s freezer, four glass dishes containing a yellow and yellow-green liquid that showed signs of crystal growth, which the NSP team determined was a “later step in the production of DMT”.

They also found three vials containing different shades of a yellow powdery substance that tested positive for DMT.

In another bedroom, they found debris that visually appeared to match debris found in one of the vials in the west bedroom, which tested positive for DMT.

And they also found: glass dishes throughout the apartment containing residue that was determined by the team to be indicative of the final manufacturing stages of DMT production, a bag containing residue that tested positive for methamphetamine , a blender containing plant material, two chemicals used to make DMT (sodium hydroxide and acetone), and over a pound of marijuana.

Initially, Oneil was charged with two counts of delivering a controlled substance near a school or daycare, possession of more than a pound of marijuana, two counts of missing tax stamp on drugs and possession of a controlled substance.

These were amended to two counts of possession of a controlled substance, Class 4 felonies, to which Oneil pleaded guilty. The other counts were dismissed.

He will be sentenced on October 11.

Alvin J. Chase